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The main purpose of Scania merchandise is to strengthen the Scania brand. This is done by generating brand awareness, reminding of and strengthening the bond to Scania.


To ensure full alignment with Scania's brand strategy and visual identity, only Scania-branded products from the centrally managed Scania Lifestyle assortment are to be used. By this, we also secure that we fulfil all requirements and objectives connected to quality, safety and sustainability.

This means that no local assortments or local productions are allowed.

With a centrally managed global assortment, each business unit and department can focus on their core business and avoid spending resources on developing individual assortments.

Ordering information

All items shall be ordered and delivered through the Scania B2B Webshop for Business units and dealers. Log in with your XDS account to view the assortment. All employees at captive units have a view only account as default. To be able to place orders an order access is requested via ScaniaNow.

Employees at Independent Scania units need to apply for the view and order access in ScaniaNow.

More information

Read more about Scania Lifestyle on the global intranet Reflex page or contact the Lifestyle team.