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The Scania logotype is one of our most valuable assets and an important graphic identifier for our brand. Since consistency is a key success factor in branding, the logotype must always be used according to the guidelines below and in its original execution.  

The Scania logotype

The Scania logotype consists of the wordmark and the symbol.


The Scania wordmark is a specific graphic execution of the company name, hence the most direct and effective asset when communicating our brand. It is never to be used in running text, but is used as part of our logotype to identify the brand and used together with the symbol in communication.


The Scania symbol in full-colour is our visual fingerprint, and a famous seal of quality. With the eye-catching griffin in the middle, surrounded by the hub derived from bicycles, it stands for our deep roots and the great pride we take in our valuable heritage. In communication, the symbol is used together with the wordmark to frame the message.

Lock-up logotype

Vertical lock-up logotype
Horizontal lock-up logotype

When the symbol and the wordmark are combined in a fixed asset, we get the lock-up logotype – the complete and official Scania logotype used to represent our company and in branding. The lock-up logotype is available in two versions. The vertical version is the primary version and first-hand choice, but for formats when it does not fit, the secondary horizontal version may be used. 


Use in communication

For any type of communication where text is included, we use the symbol and the wordmark to frame the message. The height of the symbol is always 1.5 x the height of the letter “I” in the Scania wordmark. 

The symbol is normally placed in the upper right corner and the wordmark either in the upper left corner or lower right corner, according to the Scania grid system. 

Examples of use of symbol and wordmark in communication

There are four ways to place the separated symbol and wordmark.

  1. Vertical right
  2. Horizontal top
  3. Front and back
  4. Vertical centred

Vertical right and horizontal top are the most common and preferred alternatives, but for odd formats or special occations front and back or centred placement may be used.

Read more about how to place the logotype in the Grid system section.

Use in branding

The lock-up logotype is used in all branding activities. The vertical version is the primary version and first-hand choice, but for odd formats or when it does not fit the secondary horizontal version may be used. 

Examples of use of lock-up logotype in branding

Use in film

To ensure a strong unified global visual identity all films produced by and for Scania must end with a Scania logotype. The animated end logotype is designed to harmonise with our sound logotype, but stand just as well on its own. Read more about the use of logotype in films on the Film page.

Animated end logotype for use in film


Only symbol or wordmark

Marking of parts

The symbol and the wordmark must always be presented together, when first establishing Scania as the communication source. It could be either as a lock-up logotype or separated according to the Scania grid system, e.g. on the cover of a brochure or magazine, in ads, exterior signage, etc. Once Scania has been established , the symbol and the wordmark can be used individually, normally only the symbol (e.g. in PowerPoint presentations after the title page as well as on websites when scrolling down).

All parts which are intended to be marketed as spare parts must, as far as possible, be marked at least with the logotype and a part number.

For Scania unique parts the marking should include the Scania lock-up logotype, the Scania wordmark or the Scania symbol, depending on the size and shape of the area available for marking.

For marking of common parts within the TRATON GROUP, where common marking has been decided, the TENTIK logotype should be used. TENTIK is the group's common brand/logotype used for marking of some of the parts that are shared between several brands within the TRATON GROUP. More information about TENTIK is available on the Commercial Support site on Reflex.

More information about parts marking (both with the Scania logotype and TENTIK logotype) is also available in the Corporate standards for Marking of parts: STD14 (for Scania internal use) and STD19 (for Scania internal and supplier use).

The logotype must never be rotated, but always reproduced in its original execution and horizontally.

However, some products, like beach flags and merchandise, have such a narrow or odd format, so that the logotype will not be visible enough if placed horizontally. Hence, on such products the horizontal lock-up logotype may be rotated 90 degrees clockwise (so the symbol is in the top and the wordmark pointing downwards). Please note that these are exceptions, and that all these products are handled centrally by the Brand assortments department and ordered via the B2B webshop. No local production is allowed.

Colour versions

Primary versions - full-colour

The primary logotype versions are always the full-colour versions, creating instant brand recognition and giving the best brand impact. The wordmark is available in blue (for light backgrounds) or white (for dark backgrounds) to always contrast with the background.

Secondary versions - monochrome

If it is not possible to reproduce the full-colour versions with good quality, monochrome versions are available: blue for light backgrounds, white for dark backgrounds and black if the print is in black and white.

The monochrome versions can also be used to reproduce the logotype in silver foil, debossed or embossed. These must only be used for special prints, and never to be simulated in digital contexts.

Clear space

To ensure its visibility and impact, the logotype must always be surrounded by clear space. This area should be free of other graphic elements or text.

For the wordmark and the lock-up logotypes the minimum clear space is a square with the same size as the width of the “I” in the Scania wordmark. For the symbol the minimum clear space is a square with the same size as a ¼ of the width of the symbol. 

X = Width of the "I" in the Scania wordmark
X = 1/4 of the width of the Scania symbol
X = Width of the "I" in the Scania wordmark
X = Width of the "I" in the Scania wordmark

Other symbols

Cropped griffin

The cropped griffin is a popular graphic asset, strongly associated with our vehicles and often seen on the road. The use is restricted only to decoration on vehicles (via sticker from the Scania Vehicle Accessories assortment) and on truck and driver related merchandise (via the Scania Lifestyle assortment). No other use is allowed. For branding purposes – use the Scania lock-up logotype. 

King of the road

The expression “King of the road” originates from the 1960s, when Scania unveiled its 350 hp V8 engine. It was heralded Europe’s most powerful diesel truck engine, and it held that distinction for many years. The V8 was what truly made Scania the king of the road.

To maintain the valuable heritage and expression, as well as to honour the powerful Scania trucks and the drivers, the “King of the road” symbol is used on certain merchandise and vehicle accessories products. 

V8 and XT

The Scania V8 symbol and XT symbol are designed for the V8 engine range and XT truck range respectively. They may only be used for marking and promotion of the Scania V8 engine range/Scania XT truck range – on trucks, related products (merchandise and accessories) and in marketing material.

The symbols may never replace the Scania logotype and never be used alone. Contact Scania Identity Helpdesk for more information and original artwork. 


Place the logotype where the contrast between it and background is too low.
Add outlines to the wordmark, symbol or logotype.
Tilt, skew, flip, change perspective or rotate the wordmark, symbol or logotype.
Replace the wordmark with any other text or logotype.
Combine the symbol or wordmark with any other text or symbol to create a logotype.
Add any motion or effects to any part of the Scania logotype. Only use the standard animated endlogo for film.
Use different printing techniques for the wordmark and symbol, on any logotype.
Change the colour of the wordmark, symbol or logotype.
Use two colours for any monochrome logotype.
Use the griffin without the hub or the hub without the griffin.
Crop the wordmark, symbol or logotype.
Alter the dimensions, size relationships, spacing or placements on any element on any logotype.
Use the wordmark in running text.
Use the full-colour symbol or logotype for black and white print.
Overuse any part of the logotype nor use it as decoration.


By downloading any of the logotype files below, you accept the conditions set out under Legal notice. The logotype may only be downloaded for use in Scania's branding and communication activities and according to the guidelines as stated on this page. Suppliers or other external organisations may not use the logotype. 

Login required to download

Please note that you need to be logged in with your Scania account to download the logotype files. If you cannot see the download button, click the blue button in the header to login.

Choose Blue (positive version) for use on light backgrounds or White (negative version) for use on dark backgrounds. Choose Digital (.svg, RGB) for use on web, in MS Office etc. and Print (.ai, CMYK) for high res print files.


For use in communication together with symbol


For use in communication together with wordmark


Primary version for use in branding


Secondary version for use in branding


Contact Scania Identity Helpdesk if you need another file format or have any questions.