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All Scania premises must clearly communicate the Scania identity with signs in such a way that customers and other visitors immediately recognise that this is Scania. It goes for both dealers and workshops, but also head offices and buildings for production and logistics. 

Global signage assortment

To ensure a strong unified visual identity and premium experience globally, all signage must be ordered from the global signage assortment. The Scania signage assortment includes signs, pylons and flags for visibility and recognition at close, medium and long range. 

Please note! Local production of signage is not allowed. 

To protect the Scania brand and ensure visibility, signs and flags must be kept well maintained, clean and undamaged.

Below is an illustrative example of placements and proportions of signage at a Scania dealer. Dealers and workshops use wall signs with the complete Scania logotype (both symbol and wordmark). Head offices and facilities for production and logistics use wall signs with only the Scania wordmark (in white or blue). All Scania premises use pylons and flags for long range visibility. 

How to order?

Scania has signed agreements with four leading corporate signage suppliers to cover the global needs for Scania exterior signage. Signage is no longer possible to order from Scania Parts Logistics. All signage is handled by the contracted suppliers. 

Advantages with the new setup:
  • Secured identical brand identity on a global level
  • Establishment of a local supplier base to minimise logistic footprint
  • Cost efficient and high quality products
  • Minimised damaged signage and reduced internal handling of signage

Note! All orders should be placed via your business unit.

More information about the suppliers and the assortment catalogue are available on Reflex.

Note! Flags, small unlit logotype sign (symbol and wordmark) and desk pylon are ordered through the Scania B2B webshop.

Update of old signage

All signs must be kept well maintained, clean and undamaged. Signs with the old Scania logotype (with gold crown) may be kept, as long as they are in good condition and not broken. When a sign is reparied, or updated to LED, it must be updated to the new logotype.

After repair of one part of the sign, an old symbol sign may be combined with a new wordmark sign and vice versa. When updating to LED both signs should be updated. For display material with lower cost, like flags, only the new logotype is allowed. 

Energy consumption

Energy consumption for illuminated signs

All external Scania signage for long and medium impact is illuminated and should be turned on during all dark hours. The reason is that the signs should be visible also during dark hours, to visualise where Scania has its operations. For example, it is important for customers, drivers or other visitors to be able to find their way to a Scania dealer or workshop also during dark hours.  

One of Scania's core values is elimination of waste. For signage this means that we should ensure that we only have the necessary and the most appropriate signs for the building in question, to minimise investment, maintenance and energy consumption, but still so that our visitors easily can recognise and find their way to their Scania representative (and in accordance with Real Estate and Franchise requirements). Illuminated signs should be turned on during dark hours, but to reduce energy consumption in this area, the most important is that modern technology is used. For example, switching to LED decreases the energy consumption for illumination with about 90%. 

Read more about Facility Sustainability (including energy savings) in Scania Commercial Facility Standard on Reflex.

Display exterior

For outdoor activities there are branded flags, display stands and sun shades that will give a professional and easily identified Scania profile.

All items shall be ordered and delivered through the Scania B2B Webshop for Business units and dealers. Log in with your XDS account to view the assortment. All employees at captive units have a view only account as default. To be able to place orders an order access is requested via ScaniaNow.

Employees at Independent Scania units need to apply for the view and order access in ScaniaNow.