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Media Portal

Social media

Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social networks are important channels for Scania. In social media we meet and create a dialogue with customers, employees, partners, policy makers and other stakeholders. 

The main goals for Scania’s presence in social media are:

  • To participate in the dialogue. Increase the level of service to our target audiences by answering questions.
  • To create interest and drive traffic to Scania’s websites, where we build our brand and present our offering in detail.
  • To publish content and make it visible and shareable – boost online visibility and engagement.
  • To give the news media and influential bloggers rapid access to news about our products and company.

Read more about Scania's social media strategy and how to work with social media in the Social Media Guideline on Reflex.

Profile picture

Scania companies

Scania Group, distributors and captive (fully owned) dealers use the full-colour Scania symbol as profile picture. A relevant Scania image is used as background image. 

Independent companies

Independent dealers may use their own logotype or Scania symbol as profile picture. If the Scania symbol is used as profile picture only Scania content may be posted (other brands may not be promoted when Scania branding is applied).


Use a photo of yourself that is professional, recent and looks like you (your face should take up around 60% of it). To strengthen the connection to Scania (e.g. for employer branding purposes), a Scania image may be used as background image.

Background image

Everyone representing Scania may use a Scania image as background image. This applies for both Scania-owned and independent companies in all social media channels as well as employees using LinkedIn professionally.

For example, you can use a picture from a recent Scania campaign or a more general picture illustrating our purpose to drive the shift towards a more sustainable transport system or our employer value proposition we drive real change.

In Scania channels – where the Scania symbol is used as profile picture - it is not necessary to add a logo on the picture. In channels used by independent dealers or employees, a lock-up logotype can be added to enhance the Scania branding. 

Below you may download a selection of images that are especially selected and adapted for use on LinkedIn. For more images and images for use in other channels, use a suitable image from the Media Library in Scania Media Portal.

Please note that you need to be logged in with your Scania account to download the images.

With logotype and text


Naming standard

Scania companies

Corporate: Scania Group

Distributors: Scania + Country name in the language of the target group (e.g. Scania Deutschland and Scania Sverige)

Dealers: Local dealer name, normally Scania + Country and/or City or Region - what is most suitable/clear for the target group (e.g. Scania Hannover, Scania Syd and Scania Antwerpen).

Independent companies

Independent dealers use their own company name (not including Scania).


Your own name, normally your first name and last name.


Captive dealer - Facebook

The Scania symbol is used as profile picture and a Scania image as cover photo.

Independent dealer - Facebook

Own logo is used as profile picture and a Scania image as cover photo.


Social media posts

Content connected to Scania is in most channels published only via Scania accounts handled by the central or local communications departments and should follow Scania's brand and communication strategy. When it comes to LinkedIn it can also be used by individual employees. Read more below.

When posting in Scania channels that have the Scania symbol as profile picture and Scania included in the name, no additional Scania logotype needs to be added to the communication material. Independent companies representing Scania (that don't have the Scania symbol as profile picture) may however add the Scania logotype to the posted material if the Scania brand needs to be highlighted.

Text at Scania is as standard left aligned, but in film and some special occassions (e.g. narrow formats with short text) the text is centred. Scania Sans Headline Bold is used for main messages and short copy (max three rows). For longer copy and names/titles Scania Sans Bold or Regular is used. Read more about text in film on the Film page.

Below you may download a general template that may be used for different kinds of posts, e.g. to present products, initiatives or employer branding and a template for job applications - both for use in Scania channels.


For posting in Scania channels


For posting in Scania channels


LinkedIn for employees

LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network on the internet. It may be used to connect and strengthen professional relationships, e.g. to attract new business partners and employees.

By writing and sharing articles, news, job ads and similar we can promote Scania as an attractive partner and employer. Sharing job ads also has a positive impact on the recruitment process.

Posts can be made both from Scania accounts and employees' accounts. 

Regardless of whether it is a Scania or personal account - when representing Scania the following guidelines apply: 


  • Create posts that strengthen Scania as a brand, partner or employer
  • Use the Scania tone of voice: real and relevant, accessible and inviting and confident and secure
  • Share material from reliable sources, e.g. Scania news, articles and job ads
  • Always add a personal comment to what you share, e.g. a short summary or reflection of an article or why you think it is an interesting job
  • Write in a professional, correct and respectful way (even if you should disagree in a conversation) 

Read more about the Scania brand platform and Tone of voice.


  • Share confidental information or express yourself in a way that could cause any damage to Scania (check with you manager if you are uncertain) 
  • Speculate, spread or comment on rumours 
  • Never criticise anyone (Scania, colleagues, competitors, or  any other stakeholder)
  • Use random and generic images from the internet or arrange playful compositions that are not relevant or capture our expertise and values

Read more about information security on Reflex: ISec

Download images that we have the rights to use - and are relevant for our business and operations - via Scania Media Provider. 

What could you post on LinkedIn?

  • Share Scania job ads
    Click Start a post and choose Share that you are hiring. Choose the job you want to share from the list and click Next. Add a personal text regarding why you think people should apply for the job. Click Post.
  • Share Scania news and articles
    Share what engages you, e.g. product launches, new collaboration or achievements. Don’t forget to add your personal comment.
  • Spread your knowledge
    You probably have a lot of knowledge about what you work with that feels obvious to you, but is worth its weight in gold for someone who doesn't know as much or who is just starting out. It doesn’t have to be rocket science.
  • Celebrate something
    If something good has happened – share it.
  • Tell a memory
    Share something that has influenced you, something that left an impression or made you choose a different path.
  • Lift a colleague, a contact or a customer
    Has someone you work with done something good that you think more people should know about? Make a post about it.

To increase the number of views you can add an image or film in your post. You could also tag your colleagues/partners (should be relevant of course) to spread your post even further.

Examples of copy

If you don't know what to write when sharing something, a general advice is to write something connected to:

  • our purpose Driving the shift towards a sustainable transport system
  • our employer value proposition We drive real change or
  • a specific job ad, campaign or product launch, e.g. Take charge (with electrical trucks from Scania)

Additional copy from the employer branding concept that could be useful when writing or sharing content (e.g. job ads) are:

  • Join the future of transportation
  • What's the next step on your journey?
  • Real change takes real drive
  • Let's drive the future together
  • Driving towards a better tomorrow
  • At Scania we have a strong culture of developing and launching innovations that actually work at scale, in order to drive real

Read more about our Employer branding strategy on Reflex.

More information

Read more about Scania's social media strategy and how to work with social media in the Social Media Guideline on Reflex.

Teasers and explainers are short slide shows and videos made for marketing of our products and services in social media channels. More information is available in the Film section.